Check : http://youtu.be/ts7eZhsYXrs
Kool Keith - Paradise (Ft Megabone)
Prod: Dj Junkaz Lou
Lyrics : Kool Keith, Bready Filth (Megabone),
Franc Bacon (Megabone), Young Libido (Megabone)
Album : Demolition Crash (In Stores May 27th. 2014)


Featured here: http://hyponik.com/features/7-wonders-sam-binga/

Whilst maintaining it’s fundamental elements, the essence of the of the 160-170 BPM music bracket or DnB spectrum has been fluctuating wildly in recent times. It’s ongoing evolution is as relevant, infectious and omnipotent as ever. Drawing in the influences of Chicago’s Footwork, Juke and Ghetto House sounds, the big guns at Exit Records, Critical, Metalheadz et al., continue to be the pioneering forces shaping these sounds. Constantly pushing the boundaries and making it impossible for any sort of categorical box to even enter this conversation.

Down in the trenches along the fringes of the war-zone, Sam Binga has been doing a first rate job in cutting his teeth, chugging out bombs alongside mainstays like Om Unit & Addison Groove, he has left his mark on the field and has earned his stars to garner huge support behind this alias. We thought it fitting time to recruit the man for the latest instalment of the 7 Wonders series. His selection features new and unreleased music from Om Unit, Coleco, Illum Sphere, FKA Twins, Special Forces, Sappo plus collaborations with Fracture and Hyponik favourite Deft. Enough talk, check out the fine arsenal of weaponry below.

01. VIP Sleep (lovin u) - HomeSick - Footwork Jungle
02. Om Unit & MoreSounds - Nuff Music - Cosmic Bridge (Dub)
03. Coleco - Nineteen Double X - (Dub)
04. Sam Binga - Elastic - Critical (Dub)
05. PFS ft Crazy D - Speakers Shake (Great Dane RMX) - Workhouse Digital
06. Nonfuture - Embrace - PHYLA
07. HMP - Runin - Frontline
08. Sinistarr & Silent Dust - The Chant - None60
09. Om Unit - Timelines - Metalheadz (Dub)
10. Rude Bwoy Monty - Jungle Man - Frontline
11. Sam Binga & Deft ft Redders - Steppin - Critical (Dub)
12. Danny Scrilla - Obeah - (Dub)
13. Illum Sphere - Psycho (DDT RMX) - (Dub)
14. Fracture & Sam Binga - Grippin’ Grain - Exit (Dub)
15. Addison Groove ft DJ Die - 167 Trek - 50 Weapons
16. Sam Binga & Redders - Lef Dem - Critical
17. Nasty Habits - Shadow Boxing (Om Unit RMX) - 31 Records
18. Special Forces - The Bleeps Tune - Photek Productions
19. Alix Perez & Stray - Rip & Dip - (Dub)
20. CHVRCHES - Recover (Sam Binga RMX) - Virgin (Dub)
21. Dub Phizix ft Chimpo & Fox - Narrow Eyes - Soul:R
22. Sappo - Hard On - Advisory
23. FKA Twigs - Papi Pacify - Young Turks

Artwork: Elyn Kazarian (elynkazarian.com/)


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Lamont's Biography

This is my personal music blog. I will publish my own projects and also promote fellow artists and friends right here.

Here's my brief biography:

Born in the USA (Detroit, Michigan)
he grew up in Germany and Belgium.
Currently Lamont lives in Antwerp, Belgium.
Lamont is known for his intricate DJ battles sets created in the late 90's and early 2000's, he won many national and international DJ titles.  
Lamont produced 10 volumes of DJ tools that were sold the world over. These records were used by many (World) champion DJ's. 

Lamont has been touring all over the globe, playing across Europe, China, Malaysia and the United States as a band member,
as an opening act and as the main act at major international music festivals.
He was the warming up act for many artists:
Tha Pharcyde, The Jungle Brothers, The Beatnuts, Company Flow just to name a few …

In 2002 Lamont was invited by DJ Grazzhoppa to join his project The DJ Grazzhoppa's DJ Big Band, this highly innovative project took 12 scratch dj's right across Europe. http://djbigband.com
DJ Grazzhoppa's DJ Big Band played at countless music festivals: Roskilde Festival, Dour Festival Belgium, Eurosonic Festival The Netherlands, Electric Picnic Ireland ... just to name a few.

He joined the Rodec R&D Department together with DJ Grazzhoppa in 2005 - 2006 to help them design the high-end dj scratch mixer, the Rodec Scratchbox.

Lamont continues to innovate today by using Ableton Live as a loop recorder/ drum machine in combination with turntables and several midi controllers and audio effects. 

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